clementine sandner
clementine sandner

Textile upcycler, bag designer.

Crafting wearable treasures in Kyoto and teaching how-to worldwide.

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Mikan, also known as Clementine Sandner, is the creative behind the label "Mikan Bags" and the organizer of "Mikan Workshops".
Mikan is a translation of her first name's meaning -mandarin- in Japanese.

The French-born Kyoto-based designer is driven by the challenge of recreating something desirable from which one would consider waste or already retired.

Mikan Bags offers unique hand crafted designs, created from antique Japanese kimono silks. Each piece is the harmonious encounter between a precious traditional fabric and a functional design.
The Mikan Workshops are held in several countries, as well as online, and allow the public to take part into the creation process of these unique treasures.
She believes that if people experience transforming something old into an object as beautiful as one they would buy, they will undeniably consider consumption and waste differently.

Deeply inspired by natural elements, the hands-on creative hopes to share her passion for upcycling, as well as support an element of tradition to evolve and, thus survive, in modern times.