clementine sandner
clementine sandner

"Don't throw away that which was once beautiful,
let it be born again."

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Designer, Upcycler.
When exceptional fabrics become
unique, wearable collectables.


Clementine Sandner is the founder and creative brainchild behind the accessories label Mikan.
Her brand name is a translation of her first name's meaning -mandarin- in Japanese.

Describing herself as an «upcycler», the French designer is driven by the challenge of recreating something desirable from which one would consider waste or already retired.

A natural-world influence is evident in the fold of her Scarabe or the featured prints of her antique textiles.
Through her collections of streetwear, clutches, bags and backpacks, the hands-on creative hopes to share her passion for upcycling, as well as support an element of tradition to evolve and, thus survive, in modern times.