beetle workshop
beetle workshop

Online workshop: "beetle" backpack

July 6th to 10th

35 000 ¥

We will meet online and create this backpack together day by day.
The course is divided btween 5 days to allow each participant to follow their own pace and
organize their personal schedule.

The "beetle" backpack is a roomy, light weight backpack with an inside laptop pocket and which unfolds to gain
storage space. This bag is one of Mikan's classic shape and it is also totally genderless. It can be created at home with a domestic sewing machine if you are already used to use your machine.
During 5 days, we will meet online in a virtual classroom where I will guide you day by day through the making process
your bag. We will start every day with a 1 or 2 hours group class in the morning. During this class I will give you
detailed explantions and make demonstrations of what will be done during the day. After this, I will remain
available in the virtual classroom for the rest of the day to help you individually. This way, each participants is free
to organize their schedule as they wish, and access the classroom whenever they want.

Inetersted in joining us? Please fill in the form below to receive the PDF brochure. (I will do this manually so please allow 48 hours for me to send it)